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Attendance Module

Boost your organisation’s
productivity with our Attendance Solution

TAMS is a Time and attendance solution with scheduling, reporting, self-service, leave management and accruals, incident tracking, historical data, and much more.

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Time is money. Attendance solution that is unmatchable

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Applicable to your work schedule

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Mobile and multi location clock in

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Good for your field agents

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Clock in from anywhere with our mobile app

Track employee productivity by identifying time spent working and time wasted.

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On-the-go mobile attendance

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With our on-the go mobile app, TAMS enables employees to use their mobile phones to clock in/out subject to the company's policy regarding where the clock in/out can occur.

Suitable for field operations

TAMS mobile time-tracking solution allows off-site clocking for businesses in construction, landscaping, logistics and haulage, sales and marketing, agriculture, research and field services, etc.

Mobile Clocks

TAMS Mobile app transforms your employee's phone into a clock device. Employees can now clock in and out from locations specified by the organisation.

Manage Employees Work Schedule

With TAMS shift scheduling, you can plan your employees’ schedules as quickly as you plan your own

Access to all employees work schedule

With TAMS shift scheduling, you can plan your employees’ schedule as quickly as you plan your own, ensuring every new week starts on a sprightly note for your workforce.

Track overtime and undertime

Shift management gives you a clear view of employees that work overtime or undertime.

Customise for your organisation

Designed with you in mind, TAMS is a tailor-made solution to boost operational efficiency.

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TAMS Features


Attendance tracking

Simple and flexible

Performance evaluation

Employee management

Prompt Payroll system

Mobile application

Self-service functionality

Email and in-app notification

Effective work scheduling

Software as a Service

Intelligent reporting

Join the 1000+ organisations increasing their employees productivity with TAMS