The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees


Enitan Olubayode

Lead, Customer Experience and Services

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"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group said, If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

The key to successful businesses goes beyond sole focus on customers' needs; rather it equally requires that the employee needs are also catered for. A happy workforce is a key component of any organization that is growth driven as it is a proven fact that happy workforce are productive, focused and highly motivated towards achieving set goals.

welcome on board

Therefore, here are a few tips to keep your employees engaged, productive and excited at work even as they punch in the extra hours.

1. Invest in their career paths

Employees love to engage in interesting work, they are excited about opportunities to learn new things. Training and development is a great way to help employees develop their career paths as they learn new skills or develop existing ones.

2. Connect with Your Employees

Even if you are the business owner or boss, do not lord over your employees, avoid confrontation that will make you appear intimidating, rather present yourself as a colleague not an enemy.

Be approachable and friendly, but where reprimand is required for employees not meeting up be firm in communicating expectations, one to one engagement in a relaxed setting to discuss key improvement areas can help employees see that you genuinely want to help them improve and adjust accordingly.

3. Use non cash rewards

Monetary incentives are an easy option and it works well in some cases; However, it is usually not sustainable because beyond money there are other key things that keep employees happy at work. You can set up creative perks such as free meals, dinner with the CEO, concert tickets, and cinema passes to reward employees who reach milestones and goals.

4. Create a workplace that promotes transparency

Communication and trust are key to running a successful business; therefore Keep your employees ahead of changes in the workplace to ease any frustration or questions they may keep to themselves. Team Leads and departmental heads need to keep their reports in the loop of updates and changes that will be made before it becomes effective.

5. A little appreciation goes a long way

Everyone deserves to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work. Acknowledge your hard workers with a simple or generous token of your appreciation. Stop by their desk to say “well done”, “Good Job!” you could also send a short “I appreciate Your Work” note or flowers.

To motivate your employees, you could consider holiday parties and breaks for their birthday celebrations. You may also consider giving pay bonus and assess their requests for raises. Don’t be afraid to show your affection in a professional way for a job well done.

Erik Mosley and Derek Irvine, co-authors of the book: The Power of Thanks, said “When a manager recognizes an employee’s behavior, personally and sincerely, both feel proud, gratified, and happy. There’s a human connection that transcends the immediate culture to create a shared bond. The power of this bond is stronger than you might think; indeed, it’s the power that holds together great organizational cultures.”

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