How to Boost Employee Productivity with Corporate Benefits


Chinenye Nwadonu

Head, Business Development

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The first mention of benefits in the corporate world is always understood from the aspect of financial rewards and remunerations, however the benefits to be derived span across alot of frontiers which all are geared towards the overall growth and improvement of the employees personal and career development.

Engagement enables the organization in determining how committed employees are to the company and creating measures to increase the intensity levels of individuals to see the connection between their actions and the company objectives. In order to measure an employee's commitment it is essential for the company to track and measure the following:

  • The levels of individual engagement
  • The level of energy expended in carrying out deliverables
  • Lastly the enablements which are created by improving work culture and doling out appreciation upon commendable results derived

To further expound on the role corporate benefits play in boosting engagement, it is succinct to note the following forms these benefits can assume:

•  Adequate leave time

This would in turn aid in replenishing their strength and energy.

•  Profit sharing and company ownership

This would validate the employees belief that there is a shared ownership of the outcome of whatever actions and decisions he makes in the course of working at the organization

•  Training and development/ Advanced Skill Building

Knowing that an organization cares about your growth and development is a morale boost for any employee and this would further be visible in their work ethics and engagements.

•  Remote/ Flexible work schedules

Due to the increasing stress encountered from mobility, mostly through urbanization particularly in modern cities, considerations could be given to allow for flexible work shifts or remote work periods for employees. However, employers might be skeptical in implementing this due to the perceived limitations with tracking productivity of the employees whilst away from company promises. It would however be recommended to ease time spent on shuttling to work in traffic,and allow for greater concentration and productivity amongst employees.

•  Improved work environments

It is necessary to emphasize the need for suitable work environments as part of the benefits that aid in boosting employee engagements in a workplace, as having proper work conditions helps to boost creativity and productivity.

There is need for the wellbeing of employees to have a paramount position in the policies and decisions implemented by the management of organizations as the resultant effects of these initiatives is responsible for the overall growth and increased profitability of the company as a whole

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