Improving Company Culture

Understanding the importance of a good culture in organisational development


Salau Ibrahim

Product Manager, TAMS

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Company culture can be described as the personality [i.e. prevailing behaviours, disposition and character] of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work and includes a variety of elements, such as work environment, company mission, values, ethics, expectations and goals.

It is simply the summation of how people within an organization interact with each other and work together. In other words, how things are done there.

Some benefits of a good company culture are:

  • Satisfaction:

    this is one of the immediate benefits of a good work culture, as employees are happier working in positive work environments.
  • Increased Performance:

    workplace satisfaction engenders several motivators for an employee, as they are likely to be more confident in their work and strive to work harder and achieve more.
  • Reduced Stress:

    a poor culture will cause stress at work, affecting a number of areas, including work performance and socializing with other employees. A good culture is likely to reduce stress, and consequently, poor performance and turnover.
  • Reduced Attrition:

    if an employee is happy and fits in well at a company, they are more likely to continue working hard and remain committed to the company with less motivation to leave.
  • Commitment to Company:

    above all else, a good company culture will likely make an employee remain committed to the company because they fit so well.

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As a human resource management solution, the TAMS solution is designed to improve productivity in the workplace. By helping to automate and track attendance and other records, it captures productive time, which has the effect of motivating employees that report to duty posts on time and contribute positively to the company's performance.

On a larger scale, the most productive and punctual employees in Nigeria are celebrated at the TAMS Nigeria’s Employee of the Year Award (#NEYA) with fantastic prizes, including an all-expense paid trip to Dubai for the top three winners alongside their HR managers.

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