The Big Cost Of Manual Process In The Workplace


Chinenye Nwadonu

Business Development Manager, TAMS

business Are you a business owner in this 21st century and still battling to process much of your business functions through manual means? Do you equally know that you waste millions in revenue by sticking to old manual processes in the workplace?

In recent years, there’s been a lot of buzz about automation, artificial intelligence and robots. First, we need to clear some of our confusions about these complex terms.

What exactly is automation? Automation is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase quality of service and delivery. Automation is always designed remove repetition and manual processes. As well as streamlining workflow, keeping track of each part of a process and helping to increase overall productivity, automation can free people up to concentrate on more knowledge-based tasks, allowing them to use their skills in a more strategic way.

The role of automation in solving business issues spans from minimizing time wastage and empowering employees to focus on more difficult-to-solve cases to which they can apply their knowledge to greater effect, and gain greater job satisfaction.

It also facilitates the reduction of duplicity in employee functions. The bottom line is in improving functionalities for companies with higher efficiency and greater employee productivity. And for employees, the mix of their work is changing to be less repetitive and more judgment-intensive.

It is however advisable for business owners to embrace the power of automation in maximizing returns on their investments as the benefits outweigh the inputs.

business TAMS has been designed to replace some of the manual work executives would create time to monitor. Organisations have used TAMS to automate processes which have led to:

  • Improvement in productivity and efficiency in Operations
  • Efficient Planning and ease Shift Management
  • Reduction in Costs and Expenditures
  • Easy data sharing between multiple locations in real time
  • More transparent performance tracking
  • Decision making using insights from reporting and analytics

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