Tips to motivate employees this holiday season


Jovita Ibie

Customer Experience Manager

business It can be quite challenging to keep your employees motivated and productive during the holiday season. Everyone seems to have their own holiday demands and expectations in their personal lives.

There are however things to do to give positive energy to make workers feel appreciated and motivated during this period.

It is a perfect time and opportunity for your employees to reflect on their accomplishments and re-evaluate their goals and aspirations for the year. Recapping your employees’ strengths and their outputs on company; sharing their values, skills and hard work towards the company’s goal, will boost their energies and inspire them to do more. business

Here are a few ways to keep employees motivated and incentivize others for

the coming year;

1. Focus on the positive

The end of year comes with its own negative thoughts, anxiety and pressure, it is important to stay positive. This will encourage your team to focus on the positive, mistakes can be pointed out, but counteract the negative with the positive.

2. Decorations

People quickly become bored with the same surroundings, if there are decorations to fit the holiday, it helps keep things fresh. Having costume days also helps relieve the pressures.

3. Family time

Respect employee family time, it is a time of the year that celebrates family time. Employees may not always be available for the extra hours, respect it and reward those who are able to help out in filling the gaps.

4. Flex time

Make the time flexible, maybe by reducing the closing hours or work days. It has been proven that by offering flexible scheduling during the holidays, employees will be more productive when they are in the office.

5. Celebrate when it’s all over

End the year with a positive note. It’s not a win if you have great sales and lose half your employees over the holidays, celebrate the achievements and performance of your employees and give incentives.

6. Take a break

While you and your employees are likely going to be tired at the end of it, wrap up the season, encourage, rest and look forward to a refreshed and re-energized year, a 3-5days break will not crumble the business.

These ideas should set you on the right track, try combining a few to get the most from your staff this Christmas.

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