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Payroll Module

Save valuable company’s time with our payroll solution

Seamless payroll processing solution that facilitates benefits management, statutory deductions, reports and other requirements that foster compliance with tax and payroll requirements.

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Be rest assured that your payroll processing is accurate

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Fast & easy setup

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Payroll for any type of business

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Be ready for tax time

Tams feature

Payroll solution that simplifies and automates your organization's HR processes.

A fully-integrated solution that provides quick, easy and accurate payroll data

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Manage payroll promptly and effortlessly

All-in-one cloud payroll software with employee self-service app, reports, bank statements, and more.

Gets you ready for tax time

TAMS ensures compliance with tax, statutory deductions and wage requirements across all levels.

Disburse money in one click

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Generate pay and make direct deposit into bank accounts.

User-friendly application

TAMS is a user-friendly HRM software that provides employee information on all devices.

Much more than a software

TAMS is an affordable and easy-to-use web-based workforce management tool with an array of functions such as HRMS, attendance management, payroll and remittance- all at the fingertips of the business owner and human resource manager.

Security is key

A scalable encryption software for the cloud providing a very secure system with top-notch security features using various roles, permissions, levels of access as well as employee and manager Self-service.

Access Payslips on the go

Employees can access payslip on a single click from our mobile application.

Tams feature

TAMS Features


Software as a Service

Simple and flexible

Self-service functionality

Attendance tracking

Intelligent reporting

Email and in-app notification

Effective work scheduling

Join the 1000+ organisations increasing their employees productivity with TAMS